In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★


They tried to sell me on the Marcus Rewards Program which I think means free popcorn at some point. I said no because I think I was feeling weary of capitalism. But next time I go I think I will sign up.

The president of Marcus does a to camera video thing before the movie and I'm OBSESSED. I missed him! One of my favorite things is people on camera who realize they are really uncomfortable in front of the camera mid-way through the shoot. That's why I love local commercials where the owner of the business decides to be the star.

The movie was fun! I went to the bathroom at the wrong time and I missed something significant, but it was good practice for next time.

In TRUE musical fashion, I think it was too long. Anthony Ramos is a star, which great news for Anthony Ramos! I got goosebumps during what I thought was the closer, and then 25 minutes later during the actual closer.

Good to be back!!