The Goonies ★★★½

Can you believe that I had never seen "The Goonies" before? I was so excited that I drank my extra large horchata really fast. The movie started and it dawned on me just how much cinnamon sugar milk was sloshing around inside of me, and I started to sweat. I never wanted an extra large, but it was the only size available so I acquiesced.

My main complaint is that the movie was really hard to see, because I was in the backseat at a drive in movie theatre. Even after craning my neck, the rear-view mirror was generally blocking the important parts of the film. My trick is that when my friends laughed, I laughed also so no one would get suspicious. Thankfully, I was able to keep that up for the 1 hour, 55 minute run time. Overall pretty fun movie!