Rocketman ★★★★½

"You know, I am so sick of running away from who I am. There's nothing wrong with success or pleasure. In fact, why am I apologizing for it? Mum, I have f*cked everything that moves. And I've taken every drug known to man. All of them. Do you know what? I enjoyed every last minute of it."

I'm completely floored. The energy of this musical biopic is everything.

Bohemian Rhapsody
could have been like this if it was under Dexter Fletcher's command all along. Rocketman perfectly balances the two major sides of Elton John's life. It's brave, honest, and definitely not embarrassed to show what's needed to be shown. Taron Egerton is a really great actor. I loved his performance in Eddie the Eagle, Fletcher's other fantastic work, but he's on his A-game with this one. I wish he had the same buzz the way Rami Malek had when his little movie came out last year.

Despite all of those flashy, flickering frames, it still manages to get into its substance. The way it sets the mood, particularly in showing Elton John's deliberate emotional breakdown, is something truly remarkable. It's affecting and resonant with all the right notes. All of its musical numbers and fantasy sequences are glorious. Elton John fortunately got his right biopic thang!

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