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  • Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones


    The decay of idealism–in space! 

    Mike Thorn writes, “The very foundation of Lucas’s cinematic philosophy is newness–this comes through in his obsession with technological possibilities, and through his genuine childlike pursuit of spectacle and wonder.” Despite my own wonderment with the prequel series as a whole, I always have trouble getting past the inherent audacity Lucas displayed technically. One of the most inspirational aspects of reading up on these films is finding out just how far Lucas was looking ahead…

  • Syndromes and a Century

    Syndromes and a Century


    Memories abrade–it's a crisis.

    What a wholly singular experience. I can't get over how effortless it all seemed–both formally and thematically. Graceful in its presentation, allowing one big idea to segue into the next. Akin to a spiritual episode, the film's flirtation with spacetime and hallucinatory elements are wonderful. There’s been a lot written about how different Weerasethakul’s films are, but not enough about how empirical they seem. At a time where we’re forced to cling onto sparse examples of authorship, it’s films like this that need to be cherished.

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