Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

one of the most stylized and sordid black comedies i’ve ever seen. i had to rewatch this immediately to gain another perspective on this wholly original film, and i still can’t manage to wrap my head around how well this film goes off the rails. fennell’s directorial debut shows at the very least that she has the ability to become one of the most ingenious storytellers and has the ability to create timeless films like this, by constantly subverting tropes and making her own decisions.

there will be people who don’t like this, guaranteed. they’ll judge basically anything aspect of the film they can find a problem with. but there is no denying that this film takes centuries old rhetoric and creates a truly original tale out of it. Promising Young Woman WILL become a modern feminist film staple, due in part to the deranged autonomy shown on-screen as well as the delightful autonomy behind the camera.

carey mulligan, i love you!

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