Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

“As an amalgamation of rape-revenge, romantic comedy, and standard thriller films, Promising Young Woman is another boundary-pushing endeavor expanding the conversation of society’s upholding of rape culture tenets. With Fennell at the wheel and Mulligan in the front passenger seat, every aspect and hairpin twist within the film is so methodically thought out that it will make well-traveled thriller enthusiasts question the film’s every turn. There’s no denying that this film will have its dissenters, due in part to its stark tonal shifts and uneven plot structure, but it’s difficult not to at least appreciate a film done with this level of authenticity and empathy.

With the determination and (un)divine intervention to the likes of Joan of Arc, Cassie Thomas’ bold and unsettling ultimatum for the men of the world will help solidify this film’s spot in culture and discussions for years to come. Make no mistake, Promising Young Woman will become a modern feminist staple over time, thanks to the deranged autonomy shown on-screen as well as the delightful freedom taking place behind the camera.”


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