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  • Mad Detective

    Mad Detective


    Power structures upholding a conspiracy, a mystery with no discernible start or end, one person’s damage bringing out another person’s hidden pain... the closest I’ve seen any movie come to approximating Roberto Bolaño. How about that!

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  • Zapruder Film of Kennedy Assassination

    Zapruder Film of Kennedy Assassination

    Wow, didn't see THAT one coming!

  • Moses and Aaron

    Moses and Aaron

    Now on Blu-ray and DVD in a more-or-less-perfect restoration, with Not Reconciled, Machorka-Muff, and Introduction to Arnold Schoenberg's “Accompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene" also included. Whatever reputation Straub-Huillet have for being difficult dissipates pretty quickly upon watching this, if only because its whole temperament is nuts.