Favorite films

  • The Room
  • GoodFellas
  • Five Easy Pieces
  • Almost Famous

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  • A Question of Silence


  • Too Early/Too Late


  • The Shining


  • Stalker

Recent reviews

  • A Question of Silence

    A Question of Silence


    Rage against the patriarchy. Just smash and kick and stab and mutilate the iconography and its casual oppression and its need to dominate. Be enraged and destroy it. 

    Man, it’s hard not to feel this movie right now. It’s angry but sort of a necessary release in its own way, and man, just a battle cry built like a procedural. 

    It’s framed like a semi-Law and Order breakdown of a psychologist trying to figure out why three random women killed…

  • Too Early/Too Late

    Too Early/Too Late


    This has the spirit of a revolution but the energy of a soggy towel.

    I mean, it dedicates 45 minutes to endemic poverty in France, followed by about 45 minutes of endemic revolution in Egypt. This would be absolutely fascinating if its execution didn’t literally just boil down to two letters being slowly read in flat monotone over seemingly random images. 

    They’re not random, of course; these are videos of true modern day view of what the letters are describing. Which…

Popular reviews

  • Nomadland


    For five years, I worked three jobs, ate out of food banks, and scratched every which way just to survive. I literally worked from 6 am to 2 am most days, and because there was no bus after 11 pm, I would have to walk across town for an hour to get home, whether it was summer or snowy as hell. 

    I lived every day in mortal, existential terror about whether I’d eat the next day, and worse, how in…

  • Tampopo


    This movie is like a big, beautiful bowl of exquisite ramen, with a smouldering cigarette butt right in the middle. 

    I mean, as an exploration of our relationship with food, it’s unparalleled. Its weird side vignettes that unfold intermittently within and separate from the story are about consumption (and what it means to hunger), and pleasure, and excuses to socialize, about bringing people together, and more. It breaks down the ways food is interwoven into our lives, not just to…