Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★★

Don’t Look Up proves that not every star-studded comedy sucks, and that Adam McKay is a talent to turn average scripts into gold. In short, Don’t Look Up is one of the most effectively hilarious, thematically relevant, and emotionally heartfelt comedies of 2021, and it would be a crime to miss this one out.

An over-the-top satire with non-stop gags, Don’t Look Up is definitely not groundbreaking with its social and political innuendos. It's not hard to discern pieces of realities from this grand tale that pokes fun at the human race in a largely in-the-nose manner, and the star-studded ensemble is simply uneven, to say the least, with some taking up so much screen time while providing so little to the whole enjoyment.

Yet, it's also the star-crossed duo from the cast that offers Don’t Look Up its biggest breath of fresh air. You simply can't appreciate enough both Jennifer Lawrence and Leo DiCaprio's astonishingly entertaining deliveries here. Between Lawrence's iciness and DiCaprio's entertaining meltdowns, it's impossible not to dive headfirst into the fascinatingly maddening world of Don’t Look Up, where the pending apocalypse unfolds in the most dramatic yet poetic way possible.

Also, you can't praise Don’t Look Up without stressing McKay's magic touch to offer so much humanity, heart, and a sense of true urgency into such a limited, tongue-in-cheek script. The vibrant camera work and spontaneous edits ensure an electrifying closer that's both outwardly impressive and inwardly thought-provoking. Highly recommended.

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