Nobody ★★★½

Nobody is a rehash of the John Wick universe, and it structs all those uncanny similarities with as much pride and dignity as possible, from the Russian/Slavic villains, to the home invasion premise, and eventually to the all too familiar animal tokens. Yet Nobody still manages to forge an identity for itself, largely thanks to our man of the hour, Bob Odenkirk.

Despite a lack of originality and groundbreaking factors, Nobody still manages to provide 90 minutes of solid entertainment that involves blood, actions and a cool, sexy Odenkirk doing his best superhero dad impressions. There are definitely buildups that feel ultimately overdone and cliched, but once they get the ball rolling with actual conflicts and action sequences, the offering is simply as good as it gets.

Overall Nobody is a decent, if still formulaic addition to the action cinema, and a must watch if you are either a John Wick fan or a Odenkirk fan.

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