Possessor ★★★

Watching Possessor is like playing somebody else's game, whose rules you're not privy to. Director Brandon Cronenberg clearly tried to pay homage to dad David Cronenberg's body horror masterpiece, Existenz, by adding tons of gore effects, the concept of a reality-altering device, and, of course, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Brandon also provided inputs of his own, maximizing the visual impact with lurid color palette, creepy sound effects and futuristic vibes, all of which typical of the social media era cinema. Cast members are all outstanding, with indie horror it boy Christopher Abbot being the absolute standout.

What really hurt Possessor's chance at being a horror masterpiece is the oftentimes confusing and vapid storytelling. Considering the somewhat overcooked premise, there were many directions Brandon could take to revamp the old genre, yet the approach he chose was for the most part psychedelically ambiguous so much so it's simply impossible to sift out a clear narrative to follow. In a way it's reminiscent of some of David's works. No origin, no explanations, just go with it, take it or leave it style.

Overall Possessor is a decent horror effort that excels at a surface level, yet light on the storytelling. Don't recommend. Watch ExistenZ instead.

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