Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★

Sound of Metal is significant in bringing spotlight on the deaf community, which is probably more important than the quality of the movie itself.

As director Darius Marder's full length directorial debut, Sound of Metal rightfully lacks unique trademarks from Marder, as we witness Marder tentatively experimented style wise, from typical American indie tropes, to the faraway French soil occupied by the likes of Mia Hansen-Løve and Olivier Assayas, with the French segment being much more superior. The end result feels passable, if not exciting enough to warrant its over 2-hour runtime. Riz Ahmed was impressive, almost heartbreaking with his more restrained deliveries, while not as convincing in the more explosive ones. Paul Raci was another standout from the cast, playing a deaf veteran who helps Ahmed's character Ruben to accept his deafness, while reacting strongly against the idea of a hearing device for Ruben, which is understandable from his standpoint but still rubs me the wrong way.

Overall Sound of Metal is an okay movie with a resounding message, yet it would've been miles better had it been made with a more European approach, less screen time and more objectivity.

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