V/H/S/94 ★★★½

The VHS franchise is finally back! This new addition, despite its share of subpar segments as expected, does provide some refreshing excitements, but I do feel like it has eventually overstayed its welcome since it has obviously run out of its original indie spirits and lost its creative impulses.

Out of its 5 segments, only the one from Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto, who has already proved his horror visions in VHS 2 with his magnificent cult segment, is well above average, thanks to its abundant gore, bonkers effects and its bold tap into the realm of humanity and morality. Everything else, from the sewerage monsters, to the haunted wake, and to the goofy, supernatural conservatives roast, despite their respective glimpses of potentials and greatness, doesn't necessarily stand out among all the segments the franchise gets to offer, and the wraparound story this time is so atrociously useless, one might as well get rid of it altogether.

Overall V/H/S/94 is not a necessary horror watch by any stretch of the imagination, unless you are a big fan of the franchise, and don't hate VHS Viral.

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