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  • Black Girl
  • Sansho the Bailiff
  • Deadstream
  • Aftersun

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  • Shadows


  • Punishment Park


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  • All About Eve


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  • The Eternal Daughter

    The Eternal Daughter


    A Joanna Hogg horror starring Tilda Swinton is an intriguing enough setup on its own. Similar to The Souvenir, The Eternal Daughter also centers on the torturing nature of memories, and the visuals are Hogg at her finest, although the genre expectation to unsettle the audience is definitely not Hogg's strongest suit and it shows.

    Claustrophobic and atmospheric, The Eternal Daughter observationally chronicles a mother-daughter duo's stay at a haunted hotel. It's wise to not expect conventional horror tropes from…

  • Sansho the Bailiff

    Sansho the Bailiff


    There are classics that are only great for their token values, and there are also classics that can actually stand the test of time and still reduce you to tears decades later. Sansho the Bailiff, one of the most transcendental cinema achievements ever from Japan, is both technically perfect, and emotionally devastating. It's both a triumphant celebration of a family's generational efforts to rid slavery of feudal Japan, and a heartwrenching account of that family brutally torn apart in the…

Recent reviews

  • Shadows



    Shadows is merely baby steps for a more accomplished Cassavetes in the future, but the potential is already there.

    It takes guts to make a black indie story in the 50s, and on top of racism, Shadows encompasses many other themes in its highly spontaneous manner, which can be a boon and a curse.

    Shadows centers around a mixed-raced, independent woman who takes the wheel of her romantic life into her own hands, although the casting of an Italian American…

  • Punishment Park

    Punishment Park


    Punishment Park is painfully prophetic, and it still feels visionary 50 years after its release. As a satirical story on the danger of conservatism, police brutality and racism, it's timeless to the core. However, those who rightfully expect blood and gore may be a tad disappointed.

    Compared to the supposed highlight of "hunting" scenes, what's more unsettling about Punishment Park are the court scenes where protesters fighting for social justice and world peace fall into the palms of the conservative…

Popular reviews

  • Dune



    I know, Dune is as technically perfect as any other Denis Villeneuve work, but it's also at the same time boring, vapid, and overlong. There's a reason why I've been holding off reading Dune the book or watching the Lynch version, and that's because everything about the story feels hopelessly boring, and Villeneuve's insanely hyped, critically acclaimed version only reinforces my perception of it.

    My main critique of these larger-than-life, action-packed productions is the fact that they focus so much…

  • CODA



    CODA is zero pretension and 100 percent heart and soul. It's a dazzling, heartfelt representation of coda experience that never strives to be something it's not, and it succeeds gloriously in building an inviting, dazzling world where familial bonds eventually trump everything.

    Chronicling a hearing teenager's struggles to balance her singing dream and the responsibility of her deaf family who depends on her, CODA is first and foremost an effective comedy that relies on the off the charts chemistry between…