Life, and Nothing More...

Life, and Nothing More... ★★★★

Abbas Kiarostami celebrated the power of life and mourned the gravity of death in the second installment of his Koker trilogy. Both meta and realistic, this is an experience of spiritual and philosophical healing that showcases Kiarostami's sincere compassion towards his people.

Based on Kiarostami's real-life experience of looking for Ahmad Ahmadpour, the leading boy from Where Is My Friend's House, after the 1990 Iranian earthquake, this is a slow-burn recreation of that difficult journey marked by debris, injuries and deaths. Kiarostami and his son Puya's characters, played by two non-professional actors with believable chemistry, roam around the rubbles and listen to tales of heartbreak and death from survivors. But this is far from downbeat misery porn, since for the Iranians, life goes on, and World Cup too. Highly recommended.

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