Tampopo ★★★½

Tampopo is food porn at its highest form, and a glorious predecessor to Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman. It manages to demonstrate the integral role food plays in human existence, via the dazzling story of a female cook's journey of revamping her ramen restaurant.

A rom-com at face value, Tampopo blends elements of western tropes and allegorical snippets reminiscent of Dušan Makavejev. The main storyline features the fascinating titular character, Tampopo's strong resolve to improve her ramen skill, and the equally lovely motley crew at her rescue. It brims with humanity and heart, thanks to the captivating delivery of the awesome cast.

Other than its clusters of mini plots that feel far too random and intrusive to the main story, Tampopo is almost perfection and a true classic that should be watched by a much wider audience. Highly recommended.

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