Tenet ★★★★★

I hate action movies in general, but Tenet, my first theater experience since the pandemic, is without a doubt one of the best movies I've ever seen, and for me Nolan's career best.

In tenet, Nolan ambitiously created a time-bending universe where a bigger leap of faith is required from the audience than ever before. It's a time-travel odyssey but with an unprecedented, scientifically air-tight spin that has already taken the cinema world by storm. The journey is peppered with hidden messages and overt symbolisms that are always exciting to unearth during every rewatch. It's like a self-explanatory puzzle whose big picture is deceivingly accessible to the general audience, but with an ever-expanding size that leads to a never-ending fun experience. Nolan achieved such cinematic majesty by implementing heart-stopping and sense-pleasing sound and visual effects, especially so if you're lucky enough to enjoy this movie in a theater where the booming effects are going to take your breath away. The cast members are also surprisingly marvelous for an action flick, especially John David Washington and Kenneth Branagh, whose easy charm plays very well to the story.

Tenet is truly a monumental cinema milestone from Nolan that's inevitably going to confuse tons of people (including me) and generate tons of discussion threads online, but that's exactly the charm of the cinema, and a testament to Nolan's mastery. Highly recommended.

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