The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★½

Quirky, cool, underhandedly feminist, The Worst Person in the World feels like the Scandinavian expansion of Ryusuke Hamaguchi's Asako I & II universe. It ultimately suffers from the unevenness of its multiple chapters, but it's also an unperfect journey with enough cherry-picks and memorable moments to make it worthwhile.

Similar to Asako I & II, The Worst Person in the World also rides its narrative on a highly imperfect, yet highly symbolic female lead, who takes establishments, especially male ones, with a grain of salt. Due to an absent father, Julie doesn't believe in marriage, having children, or commitments in general, and the story expands as she navigates different chapters of her quite uneventful life, with some far more intriguing than the others. Renate Reinsve killed her role as the independent, spontaneous yet deeply venerable young woman torn in a modern Norwegian urban life, for which she won Best Actress at Cannes. Anders Danielsen Lie is another highlight of the cast, proving his acting caliber once again after Bergman Island.

Despite its rather lukewarm segments at times and a tonally sappy ending, The Worst Person in the World has enough shiny moments to leave an impression, if not enough to blow me away.

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