Tangerine ★★★★

Tangerine is a perfect example of how simple storytelling can become something original and special when handled by someone who has a genuine vision and passion for what they're creating. Sean Baker did an incredible job at bring this film to life, and has definitely caught my attention. I'll be highly anticipating whatever he chooses to do next! Tangerine, at it's core, is a dark comedy. However, it is meshed with some actually genuine dramatic moments which made for one of the more strange, yet beautiful films that I've seen recently. Even more interesting is that the entire film was shot on an iPhone 5s, which is mind-boggling to even imagine. This did give the film a more realistic tone that really makes the watcher feel like you're joining these two women on this journey of one crazy day in their lives. The two leads played by Kitana Rodriguez and Mya Taylor were wonderful throughout the film, and had undeniable chemistry every time they interacted. Tangerine is unique, bold and beautiful.

P.S. This may be my favorite quote from a 2015 film:
Sin-Dee - "The world can be a cruel place."
Alexandra - "Yeah it is cruel. God gave me a penis. That's pretty damn cruel, don't you think?"I