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  • Early Man

    Early Man


    Curses, I've been tricked into watching a sports underdog movie! I can't stay mad at stop motion animation though, especially when it's Nick Park's particular brand of loveably quriky clay figures. Definitly one of the weaker films of his canon, but still an enjoyable little family flick with plenty of laughs, heart and creativity, which are frequently in short supply these days.

  • Elysium



    The first hour of District 9 > Elysium > The second hour of District 9

    I think that's a fair assessment. Certainly, I think Elysium is a more consistent and cohesive story than District 9.

    While the social commentary is almost cartoonishly simplistic and undeveloped, this film still satisfies as a sci-fi action romp. The production design is fantastic, with Blomkamp's signature urban sci-fi look realised to its full potential, this is genuinely one of the best-looking sci-fi films I've seen recently.…

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  • Drive



    Hotline Miami: The Movie

    Only without the frustrating gameplay and more cars

  • Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day


    Now begins December, and while it obviously isn't Groundhog Day today (not that we have it in the UK anyway), this film still feels quite appropriate for the holiday season.

    In the modern age, Christmas has become a holiday built upon rampant consumerism. All one has to do is go in a supermarket as early as August to see this unhealthy infatuation between commerce and Christmas. The holiday has become the biggest financial opportunity of the year for businesses, as…