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This review may contain spoilers.

Halloween Movie Marathon: Film #3
10 minutes in and I love this ready.
It starts at a breakneck pace and thats so different from most horror movies. I also love the trivia to other horror movies, makes it feel very real.
The self awareness of this movie makes me very happy.
The dialog in all facets of the movie, whether serious or funny are so well done, though a little aged, its very entertaining.
Garage death is so cool.
I do hate when people in a movie say "this isn't a movie" though
The "rules" scene makes me very happy.
I love the 'twist' at the end. I actually didn't see it coming
I love the music throughout the whole movie
The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the cinematography, but everything else is so well done, story, twists, music, direction, acting, everything is so good.
Thank you for the suggestion Molly

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