Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★★½

I'd heard Pierrot le Fou described as a bridge between Godard's earlier more conventional films (if you could ever say that about Godard) and his later more abstract ones, which turns out to be a decent description. The plot is broadly similar to Breathless, a love story and a fugitive film, with one character impulsive and the other more afraid. But here the plot and characters are just one incomplete part of whats going on (I can hardly tell you whats going on half the time actually). The fourth wall gets broken, a battle rages in most scenes between the colours blue and red, recurring visual themes and apparently unrelated images are conspicuously cut in, some scenes contradict, essays are read... but what surprises me most is how much fun this film is. Godards humour and light treatment of big issues makes Pierrot le Fou unpretentious, sweeping you up in its energy, colour and cryptic puzzles.