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    If a quiver of dopey ding-dongs fall in the middle of Texan nowhere to a pair of slow-moving trash humpers, but nobody cares, do they actually die?† If you roll your eyes under five pounds of prosthetic latex, can you still hear it from space? There's some care with lighting and framing here that you just can't take for granted anymore, plus the occasional, interesting schizz in the editing rhythms. But mostly this felt negligible, managing the neat trick of…

  • Happening



    Among all the other things that amaze me about this movie, i.e., basically everything, I'm startled at how fully it imagines its own schemas of image, perspective, sound, and editing, fully distinct from stylistic playbooks that might have been tempting inspirations (4 Months, Rosetta). I'm saddened and humbled by how rarely this kind of story makes it to movie screens, much less by female directors whose visual and narrative attunement to women's bodies, women's interactions, women's conflicts, women's interiorities, and…

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  • CODA



    It's incredible how little we are starting to expect from our movies as movies. Beyond lacking for almost any visual eloquence or aesthetic finesse, CODA barely acts as if these are goals to which a film might aspire. There's exactly one scene where you might detect some audiovisual shaping: a key concert where a sudden rack focus, in cahoots with a drastic change in the soundtrack, communicates something essential about the story and its characters' experience of the world. Even…

  • Belfast



    I wasn't too taken with Belfast, but I feel genuine compassion for it, partly because it gives every sign of meaning an enormous amount to writer-director Kenneth Branagh, and partly because the worst possible thing is starting to happen to it, which is becoming an Oscar front-runner. I'm glad it's moving and delighting people, even if the film is not for me. Belfast commits no important ills and I don't wish it any. But I don't see any argument that…