Alucarda ★★★★

For the majority of its runtime this plays like a slightly more blasphemous and chaotic version of other 1970s gothic-occult flicks, but the final chapter cranks it up to 11 with a literal bloodbath and demonic revenge telekinesis pyromania pandemonium.

I’ve seen many people comparing this to The Devils, and while there are some parallels (mostly with the chaotic tone and unflattering portrayal of religious clergy), Alucarda depicts all kinds of supernatural activity whereas The Devils doesn’t at all.

One unique aspect of this movie is how it frames the title character. She’s definitely not a hero, and is literally possessed, but her oppressive caretakers are also overzealous shitbags so there’s a distinct sense of satisfaction when she switches into Goth Boss Bitch mode and rains horrible vengeance down upon them. It’s like a mashup of Carrie and Black Sunday, with some psychosexual lesbianism thrown in for good measure.

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