Amsterdamned ★★★★

I just moved to Amsterdam so it seemed like a good time to check this off my watch list.

First off: excellent title. 👌

The movie is usually categorized as a horror but it also functions just as much, if not more so, as an action-thriller. In fact, some of its strongest aspects are the action sequences and stunts.

The English dubbed voice acting is laughably bad, but I don’t imagine the original Dutch dialogue is much better. It has an entertaining cardboard charm that fits perfectly with some of the other giallo overtones throughout.

While the storyline is relatively interesting, the characters themselves are fairly shallow takes on typical tropes like “antihero cop”, “wise-aleck kid”, “nerdy sidekick”, “impatient police chief”, etc. Unfortunately the most complex character story isn’t introduced till the movie is almost over.

But that’s all a bit beside the point. Clearly this movie’s biggest selling point is that it takes place in Amsterdam, and in that regard it works excellently. There are lots of great locations, made better with atmospheric (if cartoonish) weather effects, lighting, and camera work. It’s similarly fun to see the typical 1980s Dutch design and fashion throughout, plus the soundtrack is cool.

The location definitely makes for fun chase scenes. Watching a small Volkswagen and motorcycle skid around all the tight streets and fly over small bridges is great. Better still is the speedboat chase through all the small canals.

It’s not the best slasher-horror ever made – not by a long shot – but it’s still a cool movie to watch if you’re in to thrillers with cool action and locations.

In conclusion: Not a bad choice for the first movie to watch after moving to Amsterdam.