Carving Magic ★★★

William Kerwin – from Blood Feast, A Taste of Blood, and other Herschell Gordon Lewis splatter flicks – starring in an instructional film about carving meat seems totally fitting in a darkly twisted way.

Despite the credits listed by Criterion and here on Letterboxd, HG Lewis didn’t actually direct this though. From IMDb:

According to David F. Friedman in the documentary Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore (2010), Friedman and Lewis viewed a copy of this film and decided to cast both William Kerwin and Harvey Korman in Lewis and Friedman's first collaboration together Living Venus (1961).

It’s still a cool connection and enough to get a vegetarian like me to watch 20 minutes of instructional meat dissection.

The film itself is also entertaining enough as a piece of hokey mid-century American nostalgia. I also like that it’s an instructional film about making an instructional film where the instructional film is also played in the film.

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