Jurassic Park ★★★★

This movie is close to the pinnacle of practical special effects. The animatronic T-Rex is still damn impressive almost 30 years later – assisted with some great sound design to boot. The choice to film the iconic cup-of-water scene in the dark and rain probably helped hide some of the seams between the practical and digital effects, but it also makes for some next-level atmosphere. Same goes for the dark kitchen scene.

The computer effects do sometimes feel a bit dated now (most noticeably in the full daylight scenes) but they’re still extremely impressive compared to everything else being done at the time.

The script is totally ridiculous block-buster schlock, with cartoonish characters and all kinds of logical holes. I even kinda hate Jeff Goldblum in the movie, probably because his character is so shallow. (What was he even supposed to be advising on again? Math?) But it’s all still fun as hell, with great pacing, stupid but memorable one-liners (❝hold on to yer butts❞), and even some legitimately dark moments. Also bonus points for the handful of feminist plot points and zingers.

Gonna have to re-watch the sequel now too, even though I know it’s not as good.