Prophecy ★★★★

Cool combo of sci-fi, horror, and eco-fable, with a dash of animal body horror for good measure. It isn’t the most fast-paced or unpredictable story you’ll ever see, but there are plenty of atmospheric and/or over-the-top scenes that make it totally worth a watch. It rides the coattails of Jaws a bit, but has enough original elements to stand on its own. I’m a big fan of New England based horror too, so my rating may be slightly skewed.

Depending on your preferences, the dramatic subplots either give the story more depth or make it drag unnecessarily. The acting is better than I expected, but I still don’t know if it was good enough to warrant some of the time spent on dialogue instead of monster mayhem.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the insane strength the monster is given, where it can swat an occupied sleeping bag so hard it explodes into a shower of feathers, or shred the roof clear off a cabin. There are also a few cool scenes with frightened humans huddling for their lives that work well to amplify an atmosphere of terror. 

Especially with its late-70s classic film production quality, I’m surprised this movie doesn’t get more love than it does from modern retro-obsessed audiences.