The Babadook ★★½

Not being a horror fan I had hope for this one as I had read a lot of good things about this being more than a horror. A film about loss and grief with a heavy psychological undercurrent. While that is the case this is, at the end of the day, just another horror that uses all the old clichés they all do. Things go bump in the night, lights flicker, evil lurks in the shadows and people get flung around by invisible forces... yawn.

The acting is great for the first half. The tension is palpable with a superb sense of foreboding and a haunting atmosphere. The film does a great job of portraying a women on the verge of a breakdown, you really feel her stress. It also goes to some very dark places which I was willingly happy to explore. Then things get, for lack of a better word, rather silly. Events escalate to full blown horror territory and end up blurring any clever metaphors I believed the film was making.

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