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  • It


    “It” means nothing to me. I’ve never read a single Stephen King novel and didn’t grow up on his films or any adaptations in the way Meg did. Because of that, I’m not very precious about his source material. As far as I’ve been able to tell, I don’t think I particularly like Stephen King adapted works (based on the films that I’ve seen) and re-watching 1990′s “It” was such a mess that I had no expectations for the new…

  • Stephen King's It

    Stephen King's It

    I’ve only seen the 1990 Miniseries “It” once before as a kid and honestly never found it that terrifying. I think expectations were built up to make it one of the most terrifying films I’ll ever witness and it didn’t live up to the hype. I don’t find clowns or blood particularly scary - so it didn’t hit me in the way I knew it should’ve. It wasn’t until it was sprung on me that I’d be seeing the 2017…

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  • Rango


    I was really surprised with Rango. I went into it thinking it was going to be a typical silly film for children but ended up loving it. This film had all the elements you need for a good film and I can safely say that it could possibly be one of my favourite animated films of all time.

    First and foremost, the plot is centered around a chameleon who has been stranded on a highway and wanders into a strange…

  • Pandorum


    About ten minutes into Pandorum, I turned to my friend Ïve and asked if the film was directed by someone foreign. I knew that the pacing and the script couldn’t have felt the way it did without someone at the helm outside of the traditional Hollywood machine who had English as their second language. It doesn’t make the film weaker to have an ESL director, but there is a distinct disconnect that may have been improved if the film was…