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  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya

    I will be the first to admit it: I don’t think I, Tonya deserves the praise it is receiving. I was excited to see if after hearing how well it was being received and I thought it was just another film that is better off being forgotten about.

    The most problematic moments in I, Tonya come from the juxtaposition between the comedy and drama in Tonya Harding’s life and the choice to pair those moments so closely together in scenes.…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water

    I thought The Shape of Water was a beautiful film. It’s by no means a perfect film and felt oddly out of place and otherworldly against some of the major contenders for Best Picture at the Oscars this year, yet it is a moving and emotional journey that I think deserves the attention its receiving. Guillermo Del Toro’s films have always stood out to me in terms of their creative, unflinching vision and The Shape of Water is no exception.…

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  • Rango


    I was really surprised with Rango. I went into it thinking it was going to be a typical silly film for children but ended up loving it. This film had all the elements you need for a good film and I can safely say that it could possibly be one of my favourite animated films of all time.

    First and foremost, the plot is centered around a chameleon who has been stranded on a highway and wanders into a strange…

  • Dunkirk


    I’ve had a difficult time writing my review for Dunkirk. I feel as though every time I sit down to write it I stumble over the serious nature and I’m not able to articulate the heaviness of the subject matter. It’s difficult to write any reviews on films that are about devastating incidents, but without diminishing the tragedies depicted in the film, I have to say that Dunkirk was an impressive feat that had my heart racing the entire time.…