Moonrise Kingdom

I finally had an opportunity to see Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson’s latest film. Being one of my favourite directors, I was excited to see how the film fit into his repertoire.

The film is set in the 1960’s and is about a young boy named Sam who abandons his Khaki Scout group to meet with a girl he has fallen in love with - Suzy. The small town starts a search party to find the two twelve-year-olds in a bit of a hectic love story.

I was impressed with the film - it was the perfect Wes Anderson film. It drew on all of the same stylistic devices and ambience that is typical of his style without being as “high stakes” as the majority of his other films. The film felt safe; set in a period of time that allowed for storytelling that can be seen as less depressing and neurotic than say, Rushmore or even Bottle Rocket. It was cute and harmless and a coming-of-age story that’s been told a million times before, just never through the lens of an Anderson film.

I thought the imagery was outstanding in the film. The mise-en-scene was so perfectly articulated that each shot could be a unique work in and of itself. The film actually felt like it drew on a lot of style of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is surprising as it was a non-live action film for children. Moonrise Kingdom feels similar to Fantastic Mr. Fox inasmuch as it seems targeted toward a younger audience as the subject matter is much lighter and deals with less mature content.

If you appreciate any of Wes Anderson’s films, or just feel like getting into more of his films this is a safe bet. It’s a great story with an outstanding cast and it’s directed by a true auteur. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a full package deal.