Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★½

"Sometimes gentlemen are the worst."

Promising Young Woman boasts a stylishly unorthodox take of revenge in a film fuelled by implied anger. Emerald Fennell's directorial debut poses a lot of promises through its main character, fiercely played by Carey Mulligan, only to somehow betray our initial expectations on its last half. Yes, you heard that right. Expect for the unexpected because that pivotal moment in the film, in a way, acts to define itself. It is the turning point where you will begin to sort of struggle to make sense of everything that has been established. The ending really feels off-putting, yet oddly cathartic. I wouldn't say that it was able to earn all its promises because it's definitely going to turn a lot of people off. There are also some elements that feel a little too convenient for the characters. Suffice to say, those things didn't totally hurt my initial verdict as I watched this a week ago. I just loved the central performance and the rest of its technicalities. The final product is aggressively divisive, which affirms Fennell's audacity as a rising filmmaker that it makes me anticipate for her next cinematic outing.

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