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  • The Last Picture Show
  • The Innocent
  • Charley Varrick
  • The Naked Spur

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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark


  • To Catch a Killer


  • Counsellor at Law


  • Frantz


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  • To Catch a Killer

    To Catch a Killer


    Sincere to its title, To Catch a Killer is stacked with forensic analysis in the Baltimore Police Department, profiling an expert sniper who hasn't left a trace. In theory, that's an admirable method for those with a diagnostic interest. It's simply intriguing to watch how a minor thread can be compounded after all the strenuous effort. What's missing, though, is the drained obsession of a superb precursor. When the first season of True Detective comes to mind, there's no question…

  • Counsellor at Law

    Counsellor at Law


    Hardly knew a fragment going in ("Directed by William Wyler and John Barrymore plays its namesake"), only to be startled by the sneaky ambition. At first, the general vibe is rapidly gleeful like His Girl Friday, focusing on Isabelle Jewell's shrill telephone operator who rattles so many words to connect the counsellor with his clients. And while there is some initial thematic heft about workplace sexism, it's treated with more blitheness than a punctured nerve. Two Italians who gaze at…

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  • Heathers



    Calculate enough votes from a census and most people would favour John Hughes' coming-of-age misfits, the raunchier shtick in Porky's, or those hangout vibes in Fast Times. It's no surprise they were more palatable to the general crowd. On a more pungent note, however, there stood a revengeful, satirically anti-suicide black comedy which subverted American teen society with its cynical eyes. That's none other than a preference for me. This movie is hilariously nasty, ahead of its time and still…

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Mark Wahlberg: "Get off my property! You need a warrant!"
    Federal Agent: "MY FACE... IS MY WARRANT."

    Jesus Christ.

    Not sure if you filmed enough low-angle shots of buff bodies, Michael Bay.

    Sound and fury signifies fuck all once again.

    Literally 50 minutes of third-act city destruction in Beijing.

    Corporation, government something something, serious talk from non-entity people.

    Sunsets, explosions and leggy women.

    More of the same except this time I somehow had to switch off buttons I never knew existed.