After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

There is just no logical reason to explain the absurdities of Paul Hackett's position! Who even knows: the unfamiliarity of SoHo, its constant unexplainable forces, or every diverted encounter and you're still not even halfway there. What a poor, hapless, schleprock of a character!

I like how the film provided a realistic vision of omniprescent time on-screen. There's no hallucinatory bullshit to define Paul's horrified state of mind. Instead, his emotional state becomes increasingly more frenzied as the effects of fatigue, frustration and repeated reminders wear him down. Most interestingly; for such a remarkably funny and cleverly written film, there's a twisted sense of metaphoric visual as well. Paul's trepidation of fire is completely evident: the way he gets antsy about Marcie's second-degree burns, the grueling images in her textbook, or even her story of a rapist breaking through a fire escape etc. And while a little overt (but very humorous) I loved how The Wizard of Oz story tied in with Paul travelling to a strange locale and being unable to go home.

After Hours is zany, concise and simply brilliant. It's also the only Scorsese film which has a character being chased by a woman in a Mr. Softee ice cream truck. Real glad to have finally watched this overlooked gem.

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