Frank ★★★★

Gleeson's character is put on a meaningful trajectory to grasp the fundamental truths of creative desperation, blooming notoriety and psychological illness. He's cast adrift on a full-year duration with The Soronprfbs (an eccentric band led by Fassbender's papier-mâché-head Frank) and the encounters he faces are wryly funny, freely exuberant, unexpectedly poignant and deeply dramatic.

Winning, emotional beats for this viewer right here. Acting is stunning from all of the players as well (McNairy's double-header with The Rover this year is already impressive and his performance reveals tormented layers) - as is Maggie Gyllenhaal - a stone-faced alternative with hilarious, seething anger. Gleeson is also very touching as an affable, learning chap.

But it's all about the man behind that mask, and through his hunched body language, strange voice tangents and enigmatic presence, you'll learn of a fragile being who finds life easier to endure both in hiding and visibility. Fassbender is king. A highly original, sympathetic, acutely weird film. It's not for everyone and some will consider the vibe intensely irritating. I'm a big fan.

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