Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★½

Wild hedonism is polished in beautiful, sensory overload. I was enthralled by some of Korine's compositional elegance here. From the lilac hues on sunset beaches, to an intense 360° drive-by at The Chicken Shack, and its slo-mo lasciviousness to dubstep, as the girls are given a sense of purpose and fear on spring break.

Whenever it reverts to naïvely repetitive platitudes on the American Dream, and the perilous conflict between Alien and Archie, this begun to go wayward. (Though I dug Franco's smug, boisterous take on the thug-life persona.) Thing is, Spring Breakers had been about Faith's jaded defeat from home, and her desire to spark an energy on vacation. Ditching that had given me little reason to care after.

Still, on a moment-to-moment basis, it's often mesmeric stuff. (The cross-cutted bond of Alien's sweetness on the piano, and robbing other breakers to Britney Spears' "Everytime", is a real jawdropper.) While the juxtaposition of critiquing and celebrating Florida's youthful exuberance is equally balanced. Pleasure has its price.

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