Skinamarink ★★★★

Super atmospheric and slow-paced, but if you are patient and let yourself be immersed in the imagery then I think this is one of the most effective horror movies that’s been made in a long time. At least, it was for me.

I have never seen the interior of a home visually explored in so many odd ways. Ball milked that concept for all its worth and left me feeling like a little kid alone in a home with nothing to do, lying around and staring at sections of walls/ceilings/furniture from odd angles, sort of playing with my own perspective to pass the time.

The crucial element here is the characters being young children. Their helplessness creates this permeating dread throughout even the longest and most uneventful sequences so that I could never quite relax, launched back to memories of when I was that same age and absolutely petrified of moving around my own home at night, staring at dark doorways and corners and halls and my imagination running wild with all the possible malicious presences that might be in there, watching me.

No movie has ever given me that feeling before. Some may call it slow and boring but I genuinely think if you take the movie seriously, don’t place any expectations on it and just let it wash over you, it’ll bring you back to that long-forgotten headspace of a confused and terrified little kid.

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