The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans ★★★★

Some of the comments from the kids behind us at the advance screening…

*during a scene where Sammy gets beat up for being Jewish* “ugh, so cliché”

*when Sammy is using an editing machine* “yo is that Premiere Pro?”

*when Sammy tells someone he will never make a movie about this moment* “whoaaa… that is so meta”

*mimicking Seth Rogen’s laugh every time he appeared onscreen*

…and many more. Also, during what I found to be the most moving scene of the movie, they erupted in laughter which totally sucked me out of that feeling. This whole experience was very nearly my Joker moment

All that being said, beautiful movie, I loved it, so personal and heartfelt, Gabriel LaBelle is a star and Spielberg is just the best. The phrase “love letter to cinema” is so tired and worn out, but it feels genuinely warranted here.

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