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  • Gotti



    A pleasant surprise! I usually judge a great performance from a well known actor if you in the moment you watch the movie you forget the actor behind the role - and John Travolta really became Gotti here and I totally got emerged in the character. One of Travolta's greatest acting in a long time in my opinion.

    Of course the movie has some issues with editing, plot holes etc. and I think you've have to familiar with the New…

  • 2 minutter for sent

    2 minutter for sent


    Pretty gruesome Danish crime/drama about love, lust and revenge. It surprised me how dark it actually was (didn't see a major twist coming for example). The filmmakers seems to have taken inspiration from French film noirs in terms of how "boldly" the story was executed. The lead Poul Reichhardt (who probably is one of Denmark's most beloved actors of all time) usually played joyful fellows or good guys, but defintely not here...

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  • Two-Lane Blacktop

    Two-Lane Blacktop


    There is something about the atmosphere in Two-Lane Blacktop that makes it stand out. The tribute to pure Americana in a changing society, the open roads and the urge for freedom; alone or with a companion.

    James Taylor and Dennis Wilson are both very naturalistic in their portrayals and Hellman's choice to give them sparse dialog was a good choice. It brings out authenticity how these kind of aloof guys would be in real life. Being musical artists and not…

  • The Neighbor

    The Neighbor


    William Fichtner as the concerned neighbor was heavily miscast, he gave off serial killer vibes for Christ sake! And "the romance" between him and the female neighbor wasn't exactly believable, with alot of awkwardness and lacking of chemistry. Also a bad script, the only one who shined a little was Michael Rosenbaum.