Gotti ★★★

A pleasant surprise! I usually judge a great performance from a well known actor if you in the moment you watch the movie you forget the actor behind the role - and John Travolta really became Gotti here and I totally got emerged in the character. One of Travolta's greatest acting in a long time in my opinion.

Of course the movie has some issues with editing, plot holes etc. and I think you've have to familiar with the New York mob history of the 80s to fully enjoy it, because some necessary explanation why people act the way they do is left out.

As a mob picture I also thought it stood out; this wasn't the run of the mill Goodfellas-inspired story. It was a movie more about crime and the allegations between criminals but you left out the mob movie clichées which probably would have made it a worse movie. Also heads up to Stacy Keach and Kelly Preston for their perfomances.