Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★½

Smug, scattershot, and sexist to boot. Frequently stumbles into its topical resonance almost as if by accident. How are you SNL’s head writer during one of the show’s golden periods before going on to direct a 138-minute polemic that plays like an episode of the show at its worst (ie 2020-2021), with even less laughs and even more toothless “political” commentary? Adam McKay obviously understands that human greed and stupidity have led to the imminent destruction of the world in which we live, but he also clearly thinks we’re all a bunch of vapid, bubble-headed, pop culture-addicted morons… so fuck it, maybe we deserve what’s coming, I guess?

Leo and JLaw’s mounting dread at humanity’s pending extinction is poignant and entirely convincing, but both actors deserve better than this glib, one-note, self-flattering faux-nihilism. The final act actually makes a halfway-successful and largely earnest attempt to tap into the despair of our current moment, but by then, for me, it was too late. At least Timmy was having fun. He always does!

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