Spider-Man ★★★★½

I don't think anyone has fully realized that Ash is technically the first person in any movie to say the words "Spider-Man".

I was looking through movies I could see for the Fall season. But not just ones I could see for fun. I really wanted to see certain movies that give me that wonderful sensation I feel around this season and especially during the holidays. I made a list of all the obvious choices; When Harry Met Sally, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Good Will Hunting, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the best of them all, FREE BIRDS. But in all seriousness, I love this season and I love watching and discovering pieces of media that make you contemplate and truly remember how much you appreciate you love the holidays. Because for me, movies are the most transportive and inventive artform on the planet. I couldn’t think of anything else until I went onto YouTube and, out of the blue, one specific video miraculously popped up onto the screen and created a metaphorical light bulb to turn on in my head. The Thanksgiving scene from one of my favorite movies, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Just like that, all this nostalgia seemed to flush right back into my memory, and the first thought I had after finishing the video was that I would watch the movie immediately after. After being annoyingly overwhelmed by tedious schoolwork and the worries of current-day struggles, all I needed was a little but of fun in my life. And Spider-Man offers exactly that.

Spider-Man evokes the same amount of childlike wonder, excitement, and imagination one feels when flipping through the pages of a comic book. It feels so honest and genuine and feels like it could only be adapted from a story like this. All the recent Marvel movies, while decent, try so hard to evoke and give off this same feeling to billions of people who probably haven’t even read a comic book in their lives. And even if you haven’t read a comic and you’ve seen this movie, you still get that same wonderful feeling of enjoyment, disbelief, and most of all, heart warmed. This bonkers, hilarious, over-the-top, and absolutely insane movie about how a guy gets bitten by a magic spider, which causes him to have such abilities as being able to climb up walls and swing above the city with organic web fluid that, quite literally, comes out of his wrist. For some reason, most of us are able to watch this type of movie and get so much unshed pleasure because, strangely, because of how human this movie is. You or anyone you know will most likely not gain spider-like powers after being bitten by one. Neither will you or anyone else most likely have to fight an insane madman who goes by the name “the Green Goblin”. But I bet pretty much all of you wished you had the power the soar beyond skyscrapers and have a special sense detecting you of any danger nearby. Because, no matter how hard we’ve erased this from our everyday thoughts, we all wished we could be our own superhero. Spider-Man represents the everyman. Some comics like to say that he was “deStINEd tO be SpiDeR-MaN”. Hell, even the laughably horrific Amazing Spider-Man 2 hints at this possibility. But all those asinine storylines and ideas strip the character of any nuance he should possess. Because, as I said before, Spider-Man is all of us. Spider-Man will protect all of us. Spider-Man will save all of us. Even that very thought can bring so much hope and sincerity to millions of people around the globe and many, many more if we’re able to accept that hope. Be Spider-Man. Be greater. Be yourself.

‘Nuff said.

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