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  • Molly



    CAPSULE REVIEW: I was interested in seeing "Molly" after modestly enjoying the solid c-movie "Kill Mode" by Thijs Meuwese, a relatively young Dutch unknown that has an uncanny ability to mimic genre cinema. This one looks and smells a lot like "Turbo Kid", an often-declared cult movie that precedes "Molly" by two years. For some reason i was not bothered by "Molly" as I was with "Turbo Kid" even if I gave the latter a higher rating . Although obviously…

  • Vice



    MINI-REVIEW: The reviewer of Time wrote that Vice is an "exhausting film that turns Dick Cheney into a cartoon villain" making her a huge dunce. You have to be some kind of moron trying to find profundity in a arch-psychopath like Cheney. Artificially squeezing out depth is the typical ludicrous and worthless endeavor they teach you in liberal arts school that is useless in the real world and "Vice" is supposed to be about a real person. In other words,…

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  • The Oregonian

    The Oregonian



    I don't know if "The Oregonian" is well known in indie circles, but it is probably and regrettably unknown to the mainstream public at large, probably even to most genre picture fiends like me. Only 350 people have rated it on IMDB (April, 2013) and the average score there is shamefully low: 3,5. For shame people! I know that IMDB ratings are not "scientific" as measures of a movie's popularity or notoriety but they give a…

  • Escape Plan

    Escape Plan


    TOUGH GUYZ 2: STOP OR MY GRANDPA' WILL SHOOT: I laughed my head off watching this ridiculous movie. But I wasn't particularly amused. It was the type of laughter that villains in bad movies are prone to engage in, dry and sarcastic. Anyway. Every single actor, including the lovely and apparently slumming Amy Ryan seems to be suffering from tetanus. Fiddy Cents seems even more wussier than he uses to, Stallone speaks in somber, three-word sentences that sound like profound…