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  • Inception



    What the?! I haven't logged this yet!!? Ha ha.
    Still love this so much. Yeah I'll admit for me it gets a little slow at times and it's longer than I love movies to be which is why not the full 5 rating but 4 and a 1/2 for me is still basically a perfect movie.
    I love the cast so much. Forever a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. I love when he interacts with Tom Hardy. They seriously need to…

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness


    Recorded this back when we had free movie channels for the weekend.
    Was curious about this for awhile.
    So I will say I don't think it's as bad as I've heard people say, this just wasn't for me.
    First, what I liked was the look. Really liked how this was filmed. The production design was great. Helped add to the creepy vibe. There were moments that were really creepy. I also did like Jason Isaacs, he was the stand out…

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  • Psych: The Movie

    Psych: The Movie


    I wasn't sure for awhile if I wanted to log this T.V. movie but ultimately decided that I wanted people to know I was/am a fan of the show.
    First to talk about the show, I really love it. It always and still does make me laugh. I was sad when Netflix took it off their streaming service.
    I didn't start the show from the beginning when it first came out, I wish I could remember what season I actually…

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    Not super close, but close to a 4 and a 1/2.
    So once again, I didn't see what everyone else saw. 😂😂 I LOVED this!
    First I want to say from the moment I heard Danny Elfman was picked to do the score all I hoped was he would sneak in the Batman Returns theme! So when I heard it here, it was fucking awesome and I cried cause I couldn't handle the emotion that what I really wanted to…