Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★

Started this last night and finished this morning.
I gotta say, for some reason I was under the impression this was the worst one out of the 3 but I didn't think that at all. I really enjoyed this one.
I loved the cast. I loved how they brought back actors from the previous films. I thought that was so smart. Loved getting more of Gillian Jacobs. Kiana Madeira was seriously amazing and I'm so excited for her career. I really enjoyed the performances here. But when I'm looking at fun from the entire cast, Part One is definitely still the stand out to me. But the cast coming back for this made this movie my favorite acting wise.
I loved the look of this. Great settings and location. Fit the tone of the story well. I'd have to watch these more to really decide which one is my favorite look but for the time being this one might be my favorite just for that 3rd act.
So the music is great for all of them, worked really well here but for some reason didn't stand out as much as Part Two. So I guess when it comes to original score and even soundtrack, Part Two wins there. But the music is really great for all of them and just great soundtracks overall.
I really enjoyed the story here. I loved getting the backstory of what happened and even though I kinda figured what happens happened it still was really great to watch it unfold. The dialogue was really great and interesting and this really grabbed my attention. The mystery and the History of it all was really fascinating to me and I really enjoyed how everything wrapped up. I felt like I got the best possible closure I could have and I'm grateful when a series like this gives me that satisfied feeling.
I think my feelings for this movie has boosted up my overall affection for this entire series. This was a blast and done very well. While after the first two parts I wasn't sure if this will be a series I will rewatch a lot of, I feel after this movie it is pretty realistic and won't be surprised if this is a series I revisit a lot. We shall see. At the very least gotta make sure my bro watches these movies! Might be a nice October series to show him this year!

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