Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

So I had high hopes for this, even with the bad stuff I've read about it. Yeah I was one of the people disappointed. 1st off, love the cast thought they were all great and I really love Brie Larson. But the writing was so bad for me. Didn't click at all. I heard people laughing at stuff that I didn't find funny at all. I found myself thinking, "man why did they need to say that?" way too many times. I felt it should have been a more serious movie instead of pushing all those jokes. I didn't even like they way Brie Larson or Samuel L. Jackson came off. There were a couple lines of their's that really turned me off. Also didn't like how the characters came together. A couple of them made no sense to me why they were even there.
The score was nice but felt there wasn't enough of it. The soundtrack was cool but felt there was too much of it. I much would have rather preferred a score in certain spots.
I thought it was beautifully filmed. Some scenes were absolutely stunning that I was blown away. There is more than a couple that come to mind. But there were some cheesy shots too and too many slow motion "action" shots that would turn me off. So it's kind of a love hate with the direction.
The CGI was fine, thought Kong looked cool. It was interesting enough where I could sit though it just fine. It was just the dialogue that really didn't work for me.
I didn't HATE it but I sure didn't LOVE it either. I did really like the end credit scene.
Don't see myself buying this. I can see myself probably watching 1 more time but that will probably be it.

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