Pearl ★★★½

I was actually surprised I enjoyed this more than X, I didn't think I would.
Also had the entire theater to myself so I'm very grateful this wasn't a super scary movie, I would have been freaking out ha ha.
The acting is all good all around but of course Mia Goth blows everyone away.
I loved the look of this one so much. I loved the bright colors. I especially loved both the opening and end credits.
Also I recall a lot of people saying X paid tribute to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and for me this one paid tribute to The Wizard of Oz 😂 did anyone else get that? Just me? Alright then. 😅
I wish the original score stood out more to me like X did but I guess it worked for it. Just don't remember it.
The story worked more for me this time around. Enjoy a dark character study and I felt this helped me understand X more. But this still just isn't my type of entertainment. Not too big a fan of twisted and disturbing ha ha.
Some thoughts I had for this:
- When Pearl meets The Projectionist and what he gives her and how he gives it to her is one of the most romantic things I've ever seen. 😍 If a guy did that to me I would instantly fall in love. 🤣
- Wow Mia Goth is amazing and so jealous she had such a character to sink her teeth into. Happy she is getting good attention.
- Guys are way too trusting. I once went on this date (first date) and we met at this ice cream place. Turned out the place was right next to his apartment and he wanted to go there. I was like WTF? What if I'm a psycho? And his response was "I can tell you're not" like what the hell? Too much trust. Ha ha. 🤣 I could never.
- I wonder if it would be weird to have that final monologue on my acting profiles? 🤔😂
Also I would say this ended too abrupt for my liking. I liked getting to understand Pearl more but I would have loved some more time with Howard.
Not a need to own but I'm sure I'll rewatch this a couple more times. Also I would like to watch both of these movies back to back.
Looking forward to the final chapter.

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