Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Since I had absolutely no way to watch this in 2020, I'm going to count this as a 2021 movie.
I remember almost a year ago, pre COVID, walking into a theater and hearing this trailer come on. I tried to look away but I got sucked in so I did see a good chunk of this and had a bit of an idea what it was about and that it was starring Carey Mulligan. As the year went on I kept hearing more, like that Margot Robbie produced and she was so close to starring but everyone agreed Mulligan would be better. I kept noticing the rave reviews. So yeah as time went on my expectations started to rise ha ha.
This was so much more than what I thought it was going to be about.
I loved the cast. So many familiar faces and actors I enjoy. I totally forgot about my love for Chris Lowell so now my crush is back! 😂 Always fun to see Max Greenfield. Absolutely adored Laverne Cox. Love whenever I can see Adam Brody. And then woohoo to my queen Alison Brie!! I was very impressed with Bo Burnham, I thought he was so great and carried himself very well with Mulligan. Starting to get a bit of a crush on Burnham now. 😂 But of course it's all about Mulligan and she really does not disappoint and definitely deserves all the praise I have been hearing. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of hers but I've always enjoyed her in the movies I've seen of hers so yup this is now my favorite performance of hers. I loved her so much here! She was amazing! A stand out of 2021 for me for sure!!
I loved the soundtrack so much!! Songs I wouldn't have expected to be here were here and totally worked! It was a blast! And uh yeah anything with Spice Girls in it is a win for me. 😝 The score also worked very well!! I loved the (I hesitate to call it a Violin because I'm not sure that's what it is) string instrument went hard near the end! It was awesome!
I loved the look of this. I thought this looked really great. I'm a sucker for bright colors and there was plenty here. Gorgeous shots. Very visually pleasing for me.
What a story. As I mentioned this went in directions I was not expecting it to go. I wouldn't say it was predictable but like right before a couple moments happened I figured out what was going to happen. Also I'd say the flow would kinda mess up for me especially in the middle, could feel the length a bit. Also I'm not really sure about the ending. I think I would have like a bit more, see what exactly happens next. But I really appreciated how this story was told. I found the characters really fascinating and this was more emotional than I was expecting.
After dealing with a broken heart and finally feeling ready to get back out into the dating world to now watch this and just be like hmmmm no guys are the fucking worst. 😂
A must own and I do see myself revisiting every now and then.
Thanks Film Independent for access to this screening.

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