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This review may contain spoilers.

Very very close to a 4 and a 1/2.
So not gonna be able to go to the theaters for awhile so was able to squeeze in two movies today! First up this! I did not want to wait so long to see this ha ha. I had been waiting for this for awhile. I did a good job avoiding what this was about. I knew some of the cast. I had seen some images. And yeah when the trailer dropped a couple Tweets spoiled that there was a talking fox. 😂 But yeah I really didn't know what to expect.
What a great cast. I loved all the performances. Sean Harris was really great and honestly made me want to rewatch the Mission Impossible movies with him. 😂 I was not expecting to see Barry Keoghan so that was fun. I loved loved loved Ralph Ineson as the Green Knight! So cool! But of course the stand out is Dev Patel! 😍 I love him so much and he was amazing to watch here. I could go on and on but I'm trying to keep this short since I have to go to bed like right now.
O my goodness! I am so in love with the look of this movie. Wow. So beautiful! And I have to own this because I need to see the behind the scenes and making of because I really want to see how they shot certain scenes. Very stunning and the main reason I will watch this again. This movie made me fall in love with filmmaking all over again.
And wow what a perfect original score as well!! Loved it!! So beautiful and fitting and epic! And I don't have time to but were those songs written for the movie? Or did they already exist? But yeah those songs were great. Just wow.
So for me the story was my least favorite aspect of this. Not saying I didn't enjoy it. I seriously enjoyed the ride. But it is definitely on the longer side and there were quite a few moments that I could feel it dragging. And I've always said I don't consider myself smart ha ha so some of this was a bit confusing to me. I feel like I'll for sure need to look stuff up. Like ok did Gawain's mom call the Green Knight to bring her son honor? But then it was confusing because it seemed like she didn't want him to fight the Green Knight? Or was the whole thing a test of courage for him? Like o ok he faced him without the belt? And whoa about the belt, how did he get it back a 2nd time? Did his mom possess "The Lady" but then that bedroom scene?! 😬 Ha ha. See I don't know and I prefer movies that don't make me think that much, I'm boring ha ha.
But I really enjoyed this journey. There were some really epic moments. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the ending but now I do think it was really great and I'm curious if it will be even better on rewatch.
Right now I'll say I really liked this but I wouldn't be surprised if next watches I fall more in love with it and enjoy the story even more. A must own for sure and for sure will rewatch every now and then at least for the cinematography.
Side note: not gonna tag this with "watched with a bad audience" because overall it was pretty good especially for a packed theater. But there was a guy that started snoring halfway through. And the guy a seat over to my left really made himself at home, like took off his shoes and was bare feet and even would see him scratch himself.... you know where. So yeah just never seen that before. 😂

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