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  • The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

    The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

    This TV movie was a "You Did This to Us" pick, and some mischievous soul added it to our audience poll for the second round. An early role for John Travolta, this dramatized the story of a real boy who was born with a severely compromised immune system. But the movie doesn't seem to quite follow its own rules of what this boy is like or how sterile his environment needs to be. He becomes improbably attracted to his next-door…

  • Ip Man

    Ip Man


    Next to the (possibly fictional) Fong Sai Yuk and the (historical) Wong Fei-Hung, Ip Man has stepped into the realm of Chinese folk hero status. Most well known in the West as a one-time instructor of Bruce Lee, Ip Man was born in Foshan and became a prominent citizen. He was still there when the Japanese invaded during World War II. This movie focuses on the chapter of his life during the Imperial occupation.

    Donnie Yen had already been a…

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  • Frailty



    Summary: This involving, twisting story of the birth of a serial killer is a Southern Gothic tale that asks what happens to a child's loyalty when he is forced to question the sanity of a parent.

    Review: Bill Paxton directs this film and stars in its story-within-a-story about a man who begins receiving messages from God and how these communications affect his children, especially when those messages seem to tell Dad to kidnap and kill people. Paxton quickly establishes the close relationship between the two boys and their father, which gives the father's change in behavior a tragic bent. Well acted, eerie, unnerving, and smart.