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  • Lord of War

    Lord of War


    Some inventive visuals don't save this story of greed and sales of death-dealing merchandise. Some good performances here, but the pacing is very uneven, and the message is a blunt instrument the script and director use to beat the audience.

  • The Midnight Meat Train

    The Midnight Meat Train


    Strange and bloody and compelling, full of "look at me!" cinematography moments, but also full of absurd behavior by just about everyone. It's quite graphic, but a good bit of the gore is noticeably CGI. The man with the hammer is played by a silent Vinnie Jones, the man obsessively following him is played by Brad Cooper in full "white guy angst" mode. Definitely a mixed bag, but I'd recommend it if you like creative gore and don't care what weird plot contrivances are needed to get to it.

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  • Frailty



    Summary: This involving, twisting story of the birth of a serial killer is a Southern Gothic tale that asks what happens to a child's loyalty when he is forced to question the sanity of a parent.

    Review: Bill Paxton directs this film and stars in its story-within-a-story about a man who begins receiving messages from God and how these communications affect his children, especially when those messages seem to tell Dad to kidnap and kill people. Paxton quickly establishes the close relationship between the two boys and their father, which gives the father's change in behavior a tragic bent. Well acted, eerie, unnerving, and smart.